“Teach Me How To Gundy Part 3″ – The Mike Gundy Dance Remix Strikes Back

Its been a long time, since we left you, without a dope beat to step to.

Dedicated to Tess Maune

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Ric Flair Sings Blur’s “Song 2″


I apologize for the leave of absence as I was on tour with my friends Three Days Grace and Kenny Chesney.
In honor of my triumphant return to social media, the following video was remixed.

This is Ric Flair singing Blur “Song 2″ – enjoy…

Stay thirsty my friends.

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Lego KISS Album Cover Recreations

Discovered these babies while on tour, created by my friend Bruce Pendleton. Speak for themselves really.

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Les Miles “How Frickin Easy Like a Sunday Morning”

Is this thing on?

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“I’m Not Wearing Hockey Pads” – – — The Dark Knight Dubstep Remix

YouTube Preview Image

In honor of the new Batman movie coming out we have remixed our favorite scene in the last Dark Knight movie for this Dark Knight Dubstep classic.

In Soviet Russia Hockey Pads wear You.

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