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2010 March | dubnasty.com

Archive for March, 2010

F5 @ The Trailer Park

This song is the result of a late night jam session during a severe storm advisory.  I was born and raised in a land of constant TV interruptions from Meteorologist telling me to take cover because the Tornaders were coming, so the song kind of wrote itself. I like to think of it as Oklahoma’s […]

OPRAH-BLACK-OPS (Oklahoma to Iraq, via Information Superhighway)

  Right above this text is a song that was written in both Iraq and Oklahoma simultaneously.  It is a Nasty little ditty we have been calling:                                      OPRAH-BLACK-OPS  It is the new single off of the forthcoming […]

Happy Birthday Robot Party!

  Robot Party – watch more funny videos    It has been a year since I originally uploaded the “Robot Party”.  What a long strange trip it has been; who would have thought making a video in my bedroom would enable me to have this really cool Web site and some free T-Shirts.  In celebration […]

Rip It Like This Son! (Live @ The Colony)

The other night I was feeling a bit drinky, real savage like. What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolent.. There was me, that is Dub, and my three droogs, that is Dylan, Paddy, and Wink, and we sat […]