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Confounding Baby With Hall and Oates

Crazy eyed babies… They’re watching you, watching you! Share

“Call Me Anything But Broke!” – Ceddybu Rap Sumo GET ICEE Remix

GET ICEE YA’LL. THIS GOES OUT TO YOUTUBE-MYSPACE. Call me anything but broke. The great Ceddybu Da Rap Sumo gets the treatment this time check out the link cause he rules. “Jesus piece around my neck and that protect me from my haters who hatin.” Share

“Teach Me How To Gundy” on ESPN During The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl!

This is big time! They couldn’t talk about Oklahoma State winning the Fiesta Bowl without bringing up “Teach Me How To Gundy”… Thanks to the homey Rece Davis for the screen time. Share