We have gotten a Makeover, time for the Takeover…


Giving the finger to Fox News Corp Building NY, NY

The new and improved dubnasty.com was designed so that I could communicate to you all more efficiently.  You will notice a sleeker and more easy to navigate main frame as well as we have gone “GREEN” as in we are WAY more eco-friendly, we blaze hella good herb, and the new album on its way is oozing with green goodness we are calling “ECKTOPLAZM”

I am also planning on doing a lot more live appearances in 2010 with my songbook growing on the daily.  If you are interested in hearing the new jammys first then I would check on this blog, dog.

For instance have you guys heard the new mad travelworthy monster mix by my homey Heady P?

The “Tokyotrainstyle” Mix is pretty chill.

Put this in your iPod and smoke it:

Tokyotrainstyle by Heady…

 Feel free to have a look around the new site, and come on back yall ya here?

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  1. Samwize Says:

    Can’t wait for the 2010 hotness!


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