OPRAH-BLACK-OPS (Oklahoma to Iraq, via Information Superhighway)


Right above this text is a song that was written in both Iraq and Oklahoma simultaneously.  It is a Nasty little ditty we have been calling:                                    


 It is the new single off of the forthcoming “ECKTOPLAZM” disc and we hope you will enjoy it. It is the first of many collaborations between DubNasty and DJH who is also an Okie but just reppin in Iraq. Just showing how DubNasty has mad love for the troops.

Artistic collaboration can sometimes be a tricky situation, even if the person is standing in the same room as you. But consider this scenario, making a track with someone who is overseas fighting the war in Iraq, why you are here in Tulsa chilling.  I think that this project really shows the power of the Internet and how through it all things are possible.  As you can see by the diagram, like time travel, the Flux Capacitator is also what makes the Internet possible.




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