New Video! New EP! New Brains!

Hello there scromosapiens,

Guess what? The new video has been completed and is under review for public release.

Seriously though.

I am very fond of this new video and can not wait to get it viral.  All I can say is that the release will be very very soon.  And hopefully really big. I can’t even deliver what it is about I think you are going to like it.



Also, on the day of this release, we will be giving the “NEW SONG” and the entire “ROBOT PARTY EP” for “FREE” at “DUBNASTY.COM!”

Robot Party EP Album Cover

Robot Party EP Album Cover

This five track masterpiece promises to be a must have for iPhones and Napsters everywhere.

If you are wondering what the track list is I even have that for you (kind of):


  1. __ ______ ____(Top Secret New Hit Single)
  2. Rip It Like This Son
  3. Robot Party
  4. Twisted City (Dilation Remix)
  5. Twisted City (Heady P Remix)

Yes my friends all of these for free. (We do gladly take donations though.)

In closing I would like to encourage you to please stay tuned for we are about to drop the doody bomb.

Oh and…

YouTube Preview Image


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