Download DubNasty’s New Full Length Album “Ecktoplazm” For Free!


The wait is finally over. After months of hard work I am pleased to present to you my full length Acid Rap album entitled:


Please download it, listen to it, and if you like it, tell your friends to come by and say hello for a free download as well…

Track List:

1. Ecktoplazm
2. F5 @ The Trailer Park
3. Oprah-Black-Ops
4. Dragonflies
5. Bubblewrap
6. Mayor McCheeze
7. Robot Party 2.0
8. Ambulance Drivers
9. Rip It Like That Son
10. Glowstick

2 Responses to “Download DubNasty’s New Full Length Album “Ecktoplazm” For Free!”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Hey man, I stumbled upon your music randomly and I was gonna download the two albums but I’m getting error messages. Is it me, or something on your end?

  2. Republic Polytechnic Says:

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